Tea time favourites…

You will need..


New potatoes

Red onion

Orange pepper



Two tins of tin tomatoes

Dried mixed herbs

Fresh basil

Fresh coriander


Garlic paste

Salt & pepper

This is a super easy and basic recipe that all my kids love!

First cook your sausages in the oven or grill

And cut and boil your new potatoes in a little mint.

Whilst they are cooking you can start on your tomato sauce!

Chop your mushrooms and your courgette into small chunks, add finely copped red onion and fry off a little, add your orange pepper (chopped into chunks) then your mixed herbs simmer until vegetables start to look soft then add your tin tomatoes stir until all veg is covered. Add half a tea spoon of garlic paste

And a good amount of fresh herbs. Drizzle some honey for sweetness, add salt and pepper and leave to simmer.

Once potatoes are cooked drain and leave to rest.

Take the sausages out of the oven or grill and place on the side. Add the sausages to a clean oven proof dish and then place your potatoes on the the top of the sausages.

By this point your sauce should be nicely cooked!

Take sauce from the heat and cover your potatoes and sausages. You can eat now or cook in advance and reheat later,

add some fresh herbs on top and that’s it 👌🏼

This meal is also lovely with chicken instead of sausages and you can literally fill it up with hidden veggies for little kids 🙌🏼


And thanks for reading,

Kathleen x


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