My top 5 baby must haves…

Swaddle blankets…

Now these little beauty’s have been at the top of my list for nearly 13 years. They are my ultimate must have for any new Mum/dad.

It’s such a simple thing but it really makes a huge difference. They are so very handy at any age they are perfect for burping cloths, moping up spilled drinks or throwing over the pram when the sun is shining down on them. They also work as a shield whilst breastfeeding and as a light blanket on warm days. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

White noise.. 

Now as you can imagine we don’t have a problem with making noise it our house. 7 kids running around singing, dancing, playing guitar, roaring like a dinosaurs, the list is endless if it’s noise your after then my house is the place to be! On the quiet days when it is just Myself, Percy and Arthur it can be really quite that’s where white noise plays its part. I have the @whisbear_official and it is fab! I had never used one before and oh how I wish I had. No more looking for apps and draining your phone battery this little bear works magic and it has also helped Percy and Arthur bond. If Percy is crying Arthur will take it to him and turn it on Percy then calms and stops crying, leaving Arthur very proud, he has helped his baby brother. His little face is a picture when he turns to me and says I did it mama.😍

Bath time…

@Trees_bees_marshmallows 🐝 well you might have read recently on my Instagram about this amazing product. I simply can’t get enough, it’s all natural and designed specially for baby’s skin. A tiny amount goes a long way and it’s such a lovely feeling knowing that your putting only natural ingredients on your baby’s skin with no harsh chemicals. They also have a wonderful stretch mark oil that is fab, I used it throughout my pregnancy with Percy and I had no new stretch marks πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Sleeping beauty …
Well we all want a sleeping beauty, especially at night and we all want to rest easy knowing that our baby is sleeping safe next to us. The @sleepyheadofsweden provides all of the above and in the first couple of weeks this really was a life saver. Babies like to feel secure and safe. They have been in a warm bubble of water for months and then they are out with lots of space. The sleepy head provides the comfort they need to sleep easy feeling like they are still safe in mamas arms. It’s easily moved from sofa to cot, kitchen table or bathroom floor whilst having a well deserved soak in the tub. You can keep your baby close by your side and if your anything like me that is a must. 

Baby wearing.. 

If only I could of had one of these amazing wraps 12 years ago. I used to have to carry my girls in one of the most uncomfortable baby carriers, it would constantly cut into my shoulders 😩
These wraps are fab. I really love my new @sollybabywrap , I wear it inside and out and about. Walking in the woods and on beach has never been so easy with a new baby, especially when your running after a crazy 2 year old and a very fast 3 year old. This warp allows my hands to be free so I can still be a hands on Mum and do all the things I love with my tribe 
Well there you have it 5 of my favourite baby buys. It’s amazing how products change over the years. It makes me very proud to be a woman, knowing that a lot of the products I have just mentioned have been made or designed by Mums. Keep it up mamas.


As always thanks for reading 
Kathleen x


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