My kind of perfect….

No such thing as perfect 
So what is perfect? I’ve seen a lot of posts lately on Instagram about how her pictures are pretty so she’s not real or no one has the perfect life so why pretend they have. Let me tell you a little secret you make your own perfect. If having a clean home makes you happy then do it! If buying your child the best clothes makes you happy then do it! If going on luxury holidays makes you happy then do it!
Since when has anyone got the right to judge someone else on their perfect? Nobody should ever feel like they need to be perfect to fit in or be cool or excepted in life. So don’t let little squares do that! I read a post once from a lady who felt bad for telling people her child slept through the night because other mums made her feel bad, at what point is that ok? 
I see this as a type of bullying, why should anyone be made to feel this way? I keep a clean home it’s the way I like it I’m not going to apologise for that. I also have a routine, I have 8 kids under 13 years if I didn’t have routine then I wouldn’t be able to have one on one time with my older children and talk about there Day or help them with there home work. I like cooking from scratch it’s something I enjoy I’m not going to apologise for being myself nor would I ever judge another mum who chooses to parent in a different way. There is no such thing as perfect, as long as your happy and your kids are happy then the rest of the world can just get on with their Day. If you don’t like what you see then keep scrolling. life is what you make it, you get out what you put in! 
I like to see the positive sides to parenting I like that because it makes me feel positive. I’m a cup half full kind of person, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have crazy days. It just means that when my kid is having a meltdown I see it as him growing as a person and learning to develop his feelings, it’s something that he needs to do to learn. Just because I don’t moan on here doesn’t mean I don’t moan. I have my husband for that haha 
My pictures are real and represent an accurate portrayal of our life. I’m not going to take a picture of the washing pile mainly because I’m too busy putting it in the machine haha 
Let people be what they are, let them choose to write what they feel, let them express themselves in their own way and post pictures of what they choose. Who are we to judge anyway?

Thanks for reading 

Kathleen xx


2 thoughts on “My kind of perfect….

  1. Bethany says:

    This is such a true & reassuring post. I am terrible for constantly worrying about what others think of me… i am truly greatful & happy for everything i have in life. My beautiful little girl & my wonderful husband & we have our version of a ‘perfect life’ which sometimes i find it hard to express incase it upsets others! so thank you for your honest words as it speaks volumes!
    Beth x


    • mummahodgeworldpress says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading, thank you ❤️ and I’m so happy that you’ve found your own perfect!
      Kathleen x


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