Potty training….

Ok so this can seem like a daunting task! something that can be put off because it’s hard work it’s running backwards and forwards to the bathroom and lets be honest nappies are easy..
Who wants to be cleaning up little accidents? 

But it really can be an amazing thing to do with your child! Watching them grow and hitting that milestone the pride you feel for them and for yourself!!  
So here are some of my top tips on doing potty training the fun enjoyable way! And don’t forget there is no time limit!!!….
Firstly talk to your child! Take them to toilet with you explaining that mummy is going for a wee wee, if your child has siblings this can be an easy task because if your anything like me your up and down to the loo more times than I would like to think about haha 
Put the potty in the room let them play with it ( obviously a clean potty ) let them get to know it, let them put it on there head and let it become a familiar sight! 

They will soon become bored of playing with it but it won’t be a scary new thing that mum keeps sitting me on! 
We do nappy off potty training!! I don’t buy pull up’s in my opinion they are sending mixed signals! If your child is in pants/kickers they will get wet straight away they won’t like this feeling they will understand very quickly that they need to tell mummy/daddy that they need a wee wee or they get yucky and wet! 
No negative all positive!!! 

Sometimes In potty training you will feel like your loosing that it’s just not working you will probably question yourself and ask yourself if your doing it right!! 

But keep at it there is no time limit! It will take as long as it takes, when little accidents happen explain to your child that it’s yucky and say ‘oh no never mind next time will you do it on the potty for mummy’ 

And when wee wee’s are done on the potty do that potty dance clap and cheer let your child know just how clever they are even if it’s just the smallest little wee. 
Staying in.. 

the first few days will be the hardest! Try and start potting training when you know you will be having indoor days! Days where your child can just run around free and you can keep asking the big question ‘ do you need a wee wee’ whilst putting them on the potty so they can understand that this is what mums talking about! 
Going out….

Now once you think that you have kind of got this, that your little super star has worked it all out it’s time to venture outside in pants๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Honestly do not worry about this! Take the potty out with you in a bag and stop on the side of the road if you really have to!! Always take a spare set of pants and trousers and it’s a good idea to pop a disposable changing mat under your child if sitting in the buggy that way if your little one dose have an accident your buggy will stay dry ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Lastly there is no pressure listen to your child watch your child! Every child starts this milestone at different times it isn’t a race it’s about watching them and understanding them 

Just because the kid up the road is clean doesn’t mean your child should be!! 
Good luck mamas you’ve got this ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Again thanks for reading…

Love Kathleen xx