Shopping,shopping & more shopping……

It’s fair to say us mums/dads do a lot of it and I’m not taking the fun stuff I’m not taking the cute baby clothes or the latest toys I’m talking food…..

The dreaded food shop we all loathe it we all have something better to do and who wants to take bored kids in a crowded supermarket!!
I often get ask how I do it? Well it’s simple I do it the same as all us mums I just do it on a slightly larger scale. So here are my tips on getting it done without spending a fortune and without wasting food and money!


Fresh food ….

Ok so this is a big one for me I think every mum/dad should try it, buy fresh!! Talk to your local greengrocer and butcher the food you put on your child’s plate and on yours for that matter will be so much better for you,
you can often get really good cuts of meat and a much better quality for a smaller price than the supermarket and don’t be scared to ask for a deal if it’s going to be a regular thing!! The same goes for your greengrocer the fruit and vegetables I get from my greengrocer are of a much higher quality than what I would find at the supermarket go on give it a try!!

Supermarket sweep….
ok so the screaming bored kids that have had enough and who can blame them no one likes it you end up putting loads of stuff in that you really don’t need and filling your kids with whatever they ask for just so you can get 5 minutes peace anyone who says that haven’t put and empty packet of milky buttons though the till is well… telling a porky pies!

So let’s have fun!!!
I’m that crazy lady you see playing spies, yep that’s right daddy is the bad guy ( whilst he gets on with shopping ) we are hiding up the isles playing spies being really quiet so that no one can find us or see us! Then all kids sitting underneath the checkout while we pay for the shopping and that’s the end of the game we catch the bad guy and off we go home.. no fighting, whining or can I have!! Just fun.


Packed lunch..
ok so it’s time consuming but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune I learnt over the years that packed lunch boxes can be boring and it feels like your giving them the same thing every day!
But that doesn’t have to be the way, replaced your normal sandwich for a pasta or cut the mimi filet off the back of your chicken breast and cook it up for chicken wraps, take those Crisps out and pop in some crackers with cheese and tomatoes add cucumber sticks pepper sticks whatever your children like my kids love making little cheese and cracker sandwiches and a packet of crackers costs as little as 80p! Cut up blocked cheese as buying individually wrapped can be really expensive add fruit and a yogurt and your sorted! Doing it the night before gives you so much free time in the morning and less cleaning up 👍🏼


Plan, plan, plan..

Make a meal plan menu for the week having it all written down means you won’t buy food you don’t need and you will always no what to cook that night! My kids love going to school knowing what dinner they are coming home to and it makes my life easier not having to look through the fridge thinking what am I going to cook tonight or I have I got all the ingredients!

There’s just a few of the things I do I hope they help some of you and that it makes your meal/family time easier and more enjoyable

Thanks for reading love Kathleen xxx