The simple things in life are free….

Ok so I have 7 children from the ages of 12 to 1 finding things that they all show an interest in can be hard! The older kids don’t want to do soft play anymore and the younger kids can’t do theme parks! I sometimes feel like i’m banging my head against a wall!! It seems like everything the older kids want costs a bomb!..
But its all about compromise I guess and taking it in turns, in our house we try and do things that all the children will enjoy but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. We get the odd tantrum or “that’s not fair ” moment but if I’m totally honest it usually happens on the days that seemed to have cost a fortune, the queues for everything don’t help and we always end up with at least one ratty baby!


So what’s a mum to do…

Get out doors it doesn’t cost a thing. We love being out doors you will often find my kids in a field with a ball or climbing a tree, long walks and picnics in the park, making dens in the woods or jumping up and down In muddy puddles. It really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing you and your children/child will enjoy every second. Get involved climb that tree with them, make daisy chains, collect leaves or acorns or anything else you can find. Jump in that muddy puddle get wet, let yourself go. Enjoy your children let them be little.



If you ask my kids their best days out, they will tell you the time we got lost for 3 hours on our dog walk that was “an adventure” haha.
The time Dad jumped in the biggest puddle and had to walk home with squelching shoes, or the day mum fell in the biggest pile of mud in the woods and had to go home in the car with no clothes on ๐Ÿ™ˆ.



The days at the beach when they can run free, do sand dives, and eat sandy sandwiches. Dig that big hole let them burry your legs then run off laughing shouting you can’t catch me.ย Watch the sun go down together and hold each other tight!

Have an adventure every day even if it’s making a map to the shop and having to collect things along the way.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t have to cost a bomb to make memories!

These are the days that they will remember! And if you think back they are probably the days you remember when you was a child. The simple things in life are free…

Love Kathleen






2 thoughts on “The simple things in life are free….

  1. Laura says:

    U really are such a fab mum! I have 3 boys, my eldest 9yrs, my youngest 11weeks! And reading ur blog really makes me realise I just need to calm down & don’t panic! My boys too love the simple things like walks in woods with sticks or a day at the beach, be it summer or winter! And this is a blessing especially as I don’t have family to help me look after my children. Im the youngest of 5 & always wanted a large family myself, but…..
    I’m 34 now tho & Mayb my partner & I will have another soon, hopefully some pink this time! lol
    I was just wondering, do u ever get a day off? Do u have any family to help you? Do ur little ones go to nursery?
    Love reading ur blogs & seeing your insta pics ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š
    Many thanks
    Laura xx


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