A Mum…..

Being a mum is hard work, it’s long hours with no rest and no days off. It is the hardest most rewarding job you will ever do. But we all have those days the days when the teething baby won’t eat or the cheeky toddler just doesn’t what a nap. The days we want to just go back to bed and start all over again, we have all been there every single one of us. If a mum says she hasn’t, well then she’s lying. Days like this have been where I’ve struggled, when everything is going wrong and you can’t get your head straight. You feel like everything is falling apart around you and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

You want to spend time with your kids, you want to play with them and enjoy every second but you also want to be a good wife/partner and you also want the lovely clean house. We all need to find balance and routine that suites you as an individual. I have always had a routine I have always been very organised. I had to be, I had twins first so my routine was exactly right for me. It doesn’t mean my way is right for everyone but it worked for me. Us mums all have our own ways of doing things there is no information book on the planet that can prepare you for motherhood, it is what you make it and what you put in you will get out. It is your own journey. Here are some of the things I found help me find a balance to be a happy Mother.

My tips on being a happy mum/wife/partner
• I honestly believe that happy kids are the easiest kids to look after. Enjoy your job, enjoy your children grab every second, take every hug and kiss that is offered.
• Lay the breakfast table the night before. It sounds silly but that extra 5 minutes in the morning you can put a wash load on or have an extra cuddle in bed.  

• Make packed lunch the night before you will honestly love having your mornings back. Sitting at the table and actually eating and talking to your children it really is incredibly important to have a smooth morning and good breakfast. It sets you up for the day and sets your children up for a good day of learning at school. 
• Get outside and get muddy knees climb trees and jump in muddy puddles with your kids. Life is a blessing and motherhood is also a blessing grab it with both hands.

•Don’t ever let yourself say I can’t do it. You can. You already are, every single day you wake up you are caring for that child, you are already doing it. 
• Cook with your kids get them involved let them help, let them get mucky and make a mess, laugh with them. Watch their smiles grow as teach them. 

• Let them help, it will take longer and you can probably do it quicker and better yourself but it is so important for them. Let them Sort the washing colours or pair the socks these are all things that your children will actually enjoy to do. 
• Lastly switch the phone off or at least put it down. I don’t think any of us relise we are doing it but we spend more time on our phones than we actually do talking to each other. The group chat can wait and so can Facebook or insta. Live in the moment, love hard and give your everything. Remember you get out what you put in. 
• Don’t compare yourself to other mums. You will find some that want to help and praise you and you will find some that want to judge and criticise you. Play ground mums can be the worst, as long as your child is healthy and happy enjoying school and learning that is all you can ever ask for. 
In my opinion we are all super mums, we are all living different lives. We have all got our own battles to fight, we are all doing our very best. 
Keep it up muma’s you’ve got this!  

Love Kathleen xxx


10 thoughts on “A Mum…..

  1. Janine says:

    Hi, nice to know we all have them bad days. Definitely going to give your tips a try especially with for the eldest (he’s 8) as I worry he doesn’t get enough of my time as I’m busy with the little ones (20 months and 3 weeks) love reading your blog and seeing your pics on instagram xx


    • mummahodgeworldpress says:

      Thank you so much! I think it’s very important to make time for the older ones being a big brother/ sister is hard work sometimes, I hope my tips work for you and thank you for reading xx


  2. Meret says:

    You are so admirable! Raising 7 children must be awfully hard sometimes (although I’m sure your heart must burst with all that love)
    Do your children/Which of your children share bedrooms?


    • mummahodgeworldpress says:

      It really is the most amazing feeling in the world to be the mother to 7 incredible children I am totally blessed 🌟 yes they do share rooms but we wouldn’t have it any other way their bond is beautiful ❤️ thank you for reading x

      Liked by 1 person

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