A brand new day….

Mornings, as with our bed time is all about routine. For us it’s really the only way to have a big family, I feel like if we didn’t have it everything would fall apart and bye 8 o’clock.image

The day starts at 6 o’clock, by this time my husband has left for work and I’m waking the girls to get them up ready for school. Obviously being nearly 12 they get themselves dressed and washed ready for their day, whilst I’m down stairs getting breakfast ready for them and packing up their lunch boxes (I make packed lunch the night before). I then put the kettle on ready for coffee and the girls come down for their breakfast. By this point the baby has usually woken up, we have a little cuddle and then I bring him down stairs to play with his toys. It’s always very peaceful at this time of the morning, before the other 4 wake up.


At 7 o’clock I wake the other children. Their school uniforms are laid out ready the night before, they dress themselves and come down stairs ready to have breakfast. Breakfast is normally porridge and fruit but sometimes they will ask for eggs and toast. I let them have a choice in the morning. It really is the most important meal of the day.
I, like lots of other mums used to give my children cereals in the morning. I used to think of the time I’d save with the easy option. But after lots of research I decided that the easy option is not normally the healthiest option. When you choose food try to go for non processed, cereals for example have the digestive enzymes removed and replaced by preservatives this creates extra work for your digestive system. Making porridge is really easy and I’ve never looked back.


The girls then go and brush their teeth and they leave for the school bus at 7:30am.

And then their were 5…

The little ones finish breakfast at different times. As they finish they go up stairs brush their teeth and wash their faces. I’m usually helping Arthur and Rupert to finish their breakfast whilst eating my own food and packing up their lunch boxes (multi tasking mumma). When the children come back downstairs I then do their hair and cream their faces. They are now ready for their day at school.

It’s then time for me to take Arthur and Rupert up stairs to get ready and of course get my self ready. I wash their faces, brush their teeth and get them dressed. They are now ready for their day. Rupert then has paw patrol on the tv, Arthur plays with some toys and I get 5 minutes to sort my face out. So I don’t scare anyone on the school run lol.
The other children get to do something that they want to do until its time to leave. Layla will normally read, Jasper plays his guitar and Ralph normally joins Rupert for a bit of tv time. I then load the dishwasher and clear the table. Now we’re all ready to leave for the school run. Most days we get half way down the road and have to turn back. Jasper has left something behind Bag, PE kit, lunch bag or water bottle, take your pic. I don’t know how he manages it every day but he does haha.


So that is a morning in the life of a mum of 7.
I hope you enjoyed it and have found something’s helpful, thanks for reading love Kathleen xxx


9 thoughts on “A brand new day….

  1. Zoe says:

    Loved reading this thank you!
    Firstly I’m impressed by your husband! Mines wakes everyone as he’s trying to get ready!
    Secondly, this all sounds so peaceful! My boys aged 3 and 21 months are so loud in the morning and are always running about or having rough play!
    I’m going to try the porridge thing, I’m usually listing what they can have with the 3 year old either choosing toast or sugary cereal. I think I’ll try just having porridge there. Everytime i offer porridge he’s not so keen. Hopefully if my other son and I are eating it then that will encourage him to as well.
    Oh I also love the tray you use for the little ones, I think that might also help with getting my ones sitting down and eating at meals.
    Thank you, I do enjoy reading how you make it work with 7! Xx


    • mummahodgeworldpress says:

      Hi Zoe, firstly thank you for reading!.i put fruit in the porridge and a little honey obviously not under a year. And I love the food tray I find it really helps xxx


  2. Lisa says:

    This is so very inspiring!Because you allow me to peek in your life, I fall in love with my being a mother even more. It is so wonderful how you focus on the positive things instead of complainig how stressful everything could be. I would love to hear more about your routines ( cleaning, self-care etc) Especially with a little one still at home. And I would love love love to hear about how you deal with kids and electronical devices, I am very unsure about this topic with my girls ( 3 and almost 5). They get a little tv in the evening while I am prepping dinner and thats okay I guess, but what about the ipad iphone stuff as they are getting older? They have to be introduced to this stuff at some point but how? And when? All the best for you and your family and thanks again for daily inspiration!

    Lisa from Germany


    • mummahodgeworldpress says:

      Thank you so very much Lisa, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading! I love to hear what people would like me to blog about so I will post blogs on these topics over the coming weeks. Thank you so much again
      Love Kathleen x


  3. Margaret says:

    You are so positive person;) love your blog! You can inspiring many people. Please don’t stop writing.
    I have one baby boy but i dream about big family.
    Wish you all the best:)


  4. brummiemummybythesea says:

    So lovely to hear of another mother with routines like mine! To be fair, I only have the one baby, but our routine helps me through each day and my baby is a calm contented little boy, and I feel it’s because he knows the expect and it helps me stay calm and in control …. apart from yesterday when I forgot my purse and couldn’t pay for parking! Loved reading this, Abi x x


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