A brand new day….

Mornings, as with our bed time is all about routine. For us it’s really the only way to have a big family, I feel like if we didn’t have it everything would fall apart and bye 8 o’clock.image

The day starts at 6 o’clock, by this time my husband has left for work and I’m waking the girls to get them up ready for school. Obviously being nearly 12 they get themselves dressed and washed ready for their day, whilst I’m down stairs getting breakfast ready for them and packing up their lunch boxes (I make packed lunch the night before). I then put the kettle on ready for coffee and the girls come down for their breakfast. By this point the baby has usually woken up, we have a little cuddle and then I bring him down stairs to play with his toys. It’s always very peaceful at this time of the morning, before the other 4 wake up.


At 7 o’clock I wake the other children. Their school uniforms are laid out ready the night before, they dress themselves and come down stairs ready to have breakfast. Breakfast is normally porridge and fruit but sometimes they will ask for eggs and toast. I let them have a choice in the morning. It really is the most important meal of the day.
I, like lots of other mums used to give my children cereals in the morning. I used to think of the time I’d save with the easy option. But after lots of research I decided that the easy option is not normally the healthiest option. When you choose food try to go for non processed, cereals for example have the digestive enzymes removed and replaced by preservatives this creates extra work for your digestive system. Making porridge is really easy and I’ve never looked back.


The girls then go and brush their teeth and they leave for the school bus at 7:30am.

And then their were 5…

The little ones finish breakfast at different times. As they finish they go up stairs brush their teeth and wash their faces. I’m usually helping Arthur and Rupert to finish their breakfast whilst eating my own food and packing up their lunch boxes (multi tasking mumma). When the children come back downstairs I then do their hair and cream their faces. They are now ready for their day at school.

It’s then time for me to take Arthur and Rupert up stairs to get ready and of course get my self ready. I wash their faces, brush their teeth and get them dressed. They are now ready for their day. Rupert then has paw patrol on the tv, Arthur plays with some toys and I get 5 minutes to sort my face out. So I don’t scare anyone on the school run lol.
The other children get to do something that they want to do until its time to leave. Layla will normally read, Jasper plays his guitar and Ralph normally joins Rupert for a bit of tv time. I then load the dishwasher and clear the table. Now we’re all ready to leave for the school run. Most days we get half way down the road and have to turn back. Jasper has left something behind Bag, PE kit, lunch bag or water bottle, take your pic. I don’t know how he manages it every day but he does haha.


So that is a morning in the life of a mum of 7.
I hope you enjoyed it and have found something’s helpful, thanks for reading love Kathleen xxx


The Bedtime routine….

The Bed time routine…

Ok, so people ask me about this a lot. “How do you get them all to bed” and “how do you find time to clean round with 7 kids”. It’s very simple it’s all just routine. I’m going to give you a little insight to how I do it. Hopefully you will find this helpful if your trying to start a routine of your own.

So let’s take it from dinner time. I think dinner time should be a time for conversation, I try to cook meals that all the family can enjoy together. That way we can sit and talk about our days, the children take it in turns to talk about their day and we all sit and listen. It’s really nice to hear about the good and bad parts of everyone’s day and I find it helps children to learn to have a conversation without interrupting each other. As you can imagine having 7 children all talking at once would be very loud, I find this really helps.


After dinner clean up…

I wipe down all the children and whilst the little ones play with their toys the older children help out with the dishes. Jasper clears the table for me whilst I clean the kitchen and Jessica rinses the dishes whilst Chloe loads the dishwasher. They are my superstar helpers, I find it very important to give children a small job within the home it helps them to understand that working as a team is always the best way forward.🌟


Bath time fun…
So the best time of day for the babies is bath time they love it, we have a bath and a shower so I bath the babies first Arthur, Rupert and Ralph they have bubbles and toys and jugs to make bath shakes… They would spend hours in there if I let them, I always have pj’s in the bathroom ready for when I get the babies out so they are not left unattended, I get Arthur out first then dry and dress him I then get Rupert out dry and dress him, then lastly I get Ralph out he go’s into his bed room to dry off and put his pj’s on. The older children then take it in turns to shower while I take the babies down stairs for quite time and milk.
Once the older children are all washed and dried they come down also, they all have milk and a biscuit and settle down for some TV time, Arthur has a story and a cuddle then goes to bed at around 6:30 / 7:00 he self settles and is always asleep within 5 minutes of being in his cot . Rupert is usually having a story with Layla by the time I come back down the stairs, if you know Layla you will know she always has a book in her hand, she loves to read to the little ones and they love to listen.


By this point the big girls ( Chloe & Jessie ) have gone up stairs to do their home work or read, I then set the younger children up at the table where they take it in turns to read to me. They have the choice to read quietly to themselves or listen to one another.
Once every one has read they get to watch tv until 7:45-8:00. They then go off upstairs to brush their teeth and there off to bed. Rupert usually gets up 2 or 3 times, the first time he gets up I just pop him back to bed I kiss him and say goodnight. The second time I put him back to bed and say goodnight, if he gets up again I just pop him back in to bed and I don’t say anything. He then self settles and sleeps through the night. A lot of the time little ones will try to interact with you, it’s important after the second time you put them down that you don’t interact with them.
I kiss all children good night and go down stairs. I then start my cleaning, I make packed lunch, lay the table for breakfast and get some more washing done. Chloe and Jessica occasionally come down and just sit quietly until there bed time of 9 o’clock. I usually get all my jobs done by 9:30 then I sit down with a cuppa and my husband gets home from work.


Thank you for reading my post

Love Kathleen xxxx