Potty training….

Ok so this can seem like a daunting task! something that can be put off because it’s hard work it’s running backwards and forwards to the bathroom and lets be honest nappies are easy..
Who wants to be cleaning up little accidents? 

But it really can be an amazing thing to do with your child! Watching them grow and hitting that milestone the pride you feel for them and for yourself!!  
So here are some of my top tips on doing potty training the fun enjoyable way! And don’t forget there is no time limit!!!….
Firstly talk to your child! Take them to toilet with you explaining that mummy is going for a wee wee, if your child has siblings this can be an easy task because if your anything like me your up and down to the loo more times than I would like to think about haha 
Put the potty in the room let them play with it ( obviously a clean potty ) let them get to know it, let them put it on there head and let it become a familiar sight! 

They will soon become bored of playing with it but it won’t be a scary new thing that mum keeps sitting me on! 
We do nappy off potty training!! I don’t buy pull up’s in my opinion they are sending mixed signals! If your child is in pants/kickers they will get wet straight away they won’t like this feeling they will understand very quickly that they need to tell mummy/daddy that they need a wee wee or they get yucky and wet! 
No negative all positive!!! 

Sometimes In potty training you will feel like your loosing that it’s just not working you will probably question yourself and ask yourself if your doing it right!! 

But keep at it there is no time limit! It will take as long as it takes, when little accidents happen explain to your child that it’s yucky and say ‘oh no never mind next time will you do it on the potty for mummy’ 

And when wee wee’s are done on the potty do that potty dance clap and cheer let your child know just how clever they are even if it’s just the smallest little wee. 
Staying in.. 

the first few days will be the hardest! Try and start potting training when you know you will be having indoor days! Days where your child can just run around free and you can keep asking the big question ‘ do you need a wee wee’ whilst putting them on the potty so they can understand that this is what mums talking about! 
Going out….

Now once you think that you have kind of got this, that your little super star has worked it all out it’s time to venture outside in pants😬

Honestly do not worry about this! Take the potty out with you in a bag and stop on the side of the road if you really have to!! Always take a spare set of pants and trousers and it’s a good idea to pop a disposable changing mat under your child if sitting in the buggy that way if your little one dose have an accident your buggy will stay dry 👍🏼
Lastly there is no pressure listen to your child watch your child! Every child starts this milestone at different times it isn’t a race it’s about watching them and understanding them 

Just because the kid up the road is clean doesn’t mean your child should be!! 
Good luck mamas you’ve got this 🙌🏼👍🏼
Again thanks for reading…

Love Kathleen xx

Shopping,shopping & more shopping……

It’s fair to say us mums/dads do a lot of it and I’m not taking the fun stuff I’m not taking the cute baby clothes or the latest toys I’m talking food…..

The dreaded food shop we all loathe it we all have something better to do and who wants to take bored kids in a crowded supermarket!!
I often get ask how I do it? Well it’s simple I do it the same as all us mums I just do it on a slightly larger scale. So here are my tips on getting it done without spending a fortune and without wasting food and money!


Fresh food ….

Ok so this is a big one for me I think every mum/dad should try it, buy fresh!! Talk to your local greengrocer and butcher the food you put on your child’s plate and on yours for that matter will be so much better for you,
you can often get really good cuts of meat and a much better quality for a smaller price than the supermarket and don’t be scared to ask for a deal if it’s going to be a regular thing!! The same goes for your greengrocer the fruit and vegetables I get from my greengrocer are of a much higher quality than what I would find at the supermarket go on give it a try!!

Supermarket sweep….
ok so the screaming bored kids that have had enough and who can blame them no one likes it you end up putting loads of stuff in that you really don’t need and filling your kids with whatever they ask for just so you can get 5 minutes peace anyone who says that haven’t put and empty packet of milky buttons though the till is well… telling a porky pies!

So let’s have fun!!!
I’m that crazy lady you see playing spies, yep that’s right daddy is the bad guy ( whilst he gets on with shopping ) we are hiding up the isles playing spies being really quiet so that no one can find us or see us! Then all kids sitting underneath the checkout while we pay for the shopping and that’s the end of the game we catch the bad guy and off we go home.. no fighting, whining or can I have!! Just fun.


Packed lunch..
ok so it’s time consuming but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune I learnt over the years that packed lunch boxes can be boring and it feels like your giving them the same thing every day!
But that doesn’t have to be the way, replaced your normal sandwich for a pasta or cut the mimi filet off the back of your chicken breast and cook it up for chicken wraps, take those Crisps out and pop in some crackers with cheese and tomatoes add cucumber sticks pepper sticks whatever your children like my kids love making little cheese and cracker sandwiches and a packet of crackers costs as little as 80p! Cut up blocked cheese as buying individually wrapped can be really expensive add fruit and a yogurt and your sorted! Doing it the night before gives you so much free time in the morning and less cleaning up 👍🏼


Plan, plan, plan..

Make a meal plan menu for the week having it all written down means you won’t buy food you don’t need and you will always no what to cook that night! My kids love going to school knowing what dinner they are coming home to and it makes my life easier not having to look through the fridge thinking what am I going to cook tonight or I have I got all the ingredients!

There’s just a few of the things I do I hope they help some of you and that it makes your meal/family time easier and more enjoyable

Thanks for reading love Kathleen xxx

The simple things in life are free….

Ok so I have 7 children from the ages of 12 to 1 finding things that they all show an interest in can be hard! The older kids don’t want to do soft play anymore and the younger kids can’t do theme parks! I sometimes feel like i’m banging my head against a wall!! It seems like everything the older kids want costs a bomb!..
But its all about compromise I guess and taking it in turns, in our house we try and do things that all the children will enjoy but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. We get the odd tantrum or “that’s not fair ” moment but if I’m totally honest it usually happens on the days that seemed to have cost a fortune, the queues for everything don’t help and we always end up with at least one ratty baby!


So what’s a mum to do…

Get out doors it doesn’t cost a thing. We love being out doors you will often find my kids in a field with a ball or climbing a tree, long walks and picnics in the park, making dens in the woods or jumping up and down In muddy puddles. It really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing you and your children/child will enjoy every second. Get involved climb that tree with them, make daisy chains, collect leaves or acorns or anything else you can find. Jump in that muddy puddle get wet, let yourself go. Enjoy your children let them be little.



If you ask my kids their best days out, they will tell you the time we got lost for 3 hours on our dog walk that was “an adventure” haha.
The time Dad jumped in the biggest puddle and had to walk home with squelching shoes, or the day mum fell in the biggest pile of mud in the woods and had to go home in the car with no clothes on 🙈.



The days at the beach when they can run free, do sand dives, and eat sandy sandwiches. Dig that big hole let them burry your legs then run off laughing shouting you can’t catch me. Watch the sun go down together and hold each other tight!

Have an adventure every day even if it’s making a map to the shop and having to collect things along the way.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t have to cost a bomb to make memories!

These are the days that they will remember! And if you think back they are probably the days you remember when you was a child. The simple things in life are free…

Love Kathleen





A Mum…..

Being a mum is hard work, it’s long hours with no rest and no days off. It is the hardest most rewarding job you will ever do. But we all have those days the days when the teething baby won’t eat or the cheeky toddler just doesn’t what a nap. The days we want to just go back to bed and start all over again, we have all been there every single one of us. If a mum says she hasn’t, well then she’s lying. Days like this have been where I’ve struggled, when everything is going wrong and you can’t get your head straight. You feel like everything is falling apart around you and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

You want to spend time with your kids, you want to play with them and enjoy every second but you also want to be a good wife/partner and you also want the lovely clean house. We all need to find balance and routine that suites you as an individual. I have always had a routine I have always been very organised. I had to be, I had twins first so my routine was exactly right for me. It doesn’t mean my way is right for everyone but it worked for me. Us mums all have our own ways of doing things there is no information book on the planet that can prepare you for motherhood, it is what you make it and what you put in you will get out. It is your own journey. Here are some of the things I found help me find a balance to be a happy Mother.

My tips on being a happy mum/wife/partner
• I honestly believe that happy kids are the easiest kids to look after. Enjoy your job, enjoy your children grab every second, take every hug and kiss that is offered.
• Lay the breakfast table the night before. It sounds silly but that extra 5 minutes in the morning you can put a wash load on or have an extra cuddle in bed.  

• Make packed lunch the night before you will honestly love having your mornings back. Sitting at the table and actually eating and talking to your children it really is incredibly important to have a smooth morning and good breakfast. It sets you up for the day and sets your children up for a good day of learning at school. 
• Get outside and get muddy knees climb trees and jump in muddy puddles with your kids. Life is a blessing and motherhood is also a blessing grab it with both hands.

•Don’t ever let yourself say I can’t do it. You can. You already are, every single day you wake up you are caring for that child, you are already doing it. 
• Cook with your kids get them involved let them help, let them get mucky and make a mess, laugh with them. Watch their smiles grow as teach them. 

• Let them help, it will take longer and you can probably do it quicker and better yourself but it is so important for them. Let them Sort the washing colours or pair the socks these are all things that your children will actually enjoy to do. 
• Lastly switch the phone off or at least put it down. I don’t think any of us relise we are doing it but we spend more time on our phones than we actually do talking to each other. The group chat can wait and so can Facebook or insta. Live in the moment, love hard and give your everything. Remember you get out what you put in. 
• Don’t compare yourself to other mums. You will find some that want to help and praise you and you will find some that want to judge and criticise you. Play ground mums can be the worst, as long as your child is healthy and happy enjoying school and learning that is all you can ever ask for. 
In my opinion we are all super mums, we are all living different lives. We have all got our own battles to fight, we are all doing our very best. 
Keep it up muma’s you’ve got this!  

Love Kathleen xxx

A brand new day….

Mornings, as with our bed time is all about routine. For us it’s really the only way to have a big family, I feel like if we didn’t have it everything would fall apart and bye 8 o’clock.image

The day starts at 6 o’clock, by this time my husband has left for work and I’m waking the girls to get them up ready for school. Obviously being nearly 12 they get themselves dressed and washed ready for their day, whilst I’m down stairs getting breakfast ready for them and packing up their lunch boxes (I make packed lunch the night before). I then put the kettle on ready for coffee and the girls come down for their breakfast. By this point the baby has usually woken up, we have a little cuddle and then I bring him down stairs to play with his toys. It’s always very peaceful at this time of the morning, before the other 4 wake up.


At 7 o’clock I wake the other children. Their school uniforms are laid out ready the night before, they dress themselves and come down stairs ready to have breakfast. Breakfast is normally porridge and fruit but sometimes they will ask for eggs and toast. I let them have a choice in the morning. It really is the most important meal of the day.
I, like lots of other mums used to give my children cereals in the morning. I used to think of the time I’d save with the easy option. But after lots of research I decided that the easy option is not normally the healthiest option. When you choose food try to go for non processed, cereals for example have the digestive enzymes removed and replaced by preservatives this creates extra work for your digestive system. Making porridge is really easy and I’ve never looked back.


The girls then go and brush their teeth and they leave for the school bus at 7:30am.

And then their were 5…

The little ones finish breakfast at different times. As they finish they go up stairs brush their teeth and wash their faces. I’m usually helping Arthur and Rupert to finish their breakfast whilst eating my own food and packing up their lunch boxes (multi tasking mumma). When the children come back downstairs I then do their hair and cream their faces. They are now ready for their day at school.

It’s then time for me to take Arthur and Rupert up stairs to get ready and of course get my self ready. I wash their faces, brush their teeth and get them dressed. They are now ready for their day. Rupert then has paw patrol on the tv, Arthur plays with some toys and I get 5 minutes to sort my face out. So I don’t scare anyone on the school run lol.
The other children get to do something that they want to do until its time to leave. Layla will normally read, Jasper plays his guitar and Ralph normally joins Rupert for a bit of tv time. I then load the dishwasher and clear the table. Now we’re all ready to leave for the school run. Most days we get half way down the road and have to turn back. Jasper has left something behind Bag, PE kit, lunch bag or water bottle, take your pic. I don’t know how he manages it every day but he does haha.


So that is a morning in the life of a mum of 7.
I hope you enjoyed it and have found something’s helpful, thanks for reading love Kathleen xxx

The Bedtime routine….

The Bed time routine…

Ok, so people ask me about this a lot. “How do you get them all to bed” and “how do you find time to clean round with 7 kids”. It’s very simple it’s all just routine. I’m going to give you a little insight to how I do it. Hopefully you will find this helpful if your trying to start a routine of your own.

So let’s take it from dinner time. I think dinner time should be a time for conversation, I try to cook meals that all the family can enjoy together. That way we can sit and talk about our days, the children take it in turns to talk about their day and we all sit and listen. It’s really nice to hear about the good and bad parts of everyone’s day and I find it helps children to learn to have a conversation without interrupting each other. As you can imagine having 7 children all talking at once would be very loud, I find this really helps.


After dinner clean up…

I wipe down all the children and whilst the little ones play with their toys the older children help out with the dishes. Jasper clears the table for me whilst I clean the kitchen and Jessica rinses the dishes whilst Chloe loads the dishwasher. They are my superstar helpers, I find it very important to give children a small job within the home it helps them to understand that working as a team is always the best way forward.🌟


Bath time fun…
So the best time of day for the babies is bath time they love it, we have a bath and a shower so I bath the babies first Arthur, Rupert and Ralph they have bubbles and toys and jugs to make bath shakes… They would spend hours in there if I let them, I always have pj’s in the bathroom ready for when I get the babies out so they are not left unattended, I get Arthur out first then dry and dress him I then get Rupert out dry and dress him, then lastly I get Ralph out he go’s into his bed room to dry off and put his pj’s on. The older children then take it in turns to shower while I take the babies down stairs for quite time and milk.
Once the older children are all washed and dried they come down also, they all have milk and a biscuit and settle down for some TV time, Arthur has a story and a cuddle then goes to bed at around 6:30 / 7:00 he self settles and is always asleep within 5 minutes of being in his cot . Rupert is usually having a story with Layla by the time I come back down the stairs, if you know Layla you will know she always has a book in her hand, she loves to read to the little ones and they love to listen.


By this point the big girls ( Chloe & Jessie ) have gone up stairs to do their home work or read, I then set the younger children up at the table where they take it in turns to read to me. They have the choice to read quietly to themselves or listen to one another.
Once every one has read they get to watch tv until 7:45-8:00. They then go off upstairs to brush their teeth and there off to bed. Rupert usually gets up 2 or 3 times, the first time he gets up I just pop him back to bed I kiss him and say goodnight. The second time I put him back to bed and say goodnight, if he gets up again I just pop him back in to bed and I don’t say anything. He then self settles and sleeps through the night. A lot of the time little ones will try to interact with you, it’s important after the second time you put them down that you don’t interact with them.
I kiss all children good night and go down stairs. I then start my cleaning, I make packed lunch, lay the table for breakfast and get some more washing done. Chloe and Jessica occasionally come down and just sit quietly until there bed time of 9 o’clock. I usually get all my jobs done by 9:30 then I sit down with a cuppa and my husband gets home from work.


Thank you for reading my post

Love Kathleen xxxx

My Birth Stories…

So let’s take it from the top. The beginning of my journey into becoming a mother, the day I found out I was going to have twins at the age of just 17… Picture the scene me sat in a room with other mums to be. Extremely scared and nervous, sweaty palms and a turning stomach!!. They call my name, I walk into the room heart pumping. They start the scan and I see a flicker a little heart beat and then I am asked to leave the room. In that moment I have never felt so scared in my life, I wanted to be a mother to this baby I wanted to hold it in my arms and love it forever. Was there something wrong? Was I going to lose my baby? Sitting back in the waiting room a lady comes over, “Kathleen can you go to the toilet and then come back in” so that’s what I did. As I laid back on the couch and the scan started I was given a little smile by the lady performing the scan “oh there you go!!. It’s not one baby it’s two”. There it was total unimaginable love in an instant like nothing I ever felt before. I was going to be a mother of twins …

With the love comes the fear ….

So it’s all going smoothly scans every two weeks, perfect growth from each baby until that day then everything changed!!. The scan showed huge changes in growth, it was a quick phone call from the doctors to kings college hospital in London I had an appointment the very next day. My babies, my tiny baby girls where dying!!. They had TTS they was sharing blood vessels through the placenta, I had to have an emergency surgical procedure there and then. At 17 laying on the bed they inserted a tube into my stomach, inside that tube was a drain, a laser and a camera!!. And that was it there was my girls on a TV screen I could see everything, fingers and toes and hair. I was watching them moving with the cloudy water floating in front of them. It had to be done, if I didn’t go through with the surgery I would of lost both my girls in one week they would have been still born!!..

The miracle….

Dr professor Nicolaides the man that saved my girls!! He sat in front of me held my hand and told me the statistics, 30% chance that they would both die, 30% chance that at least one baby will die, 30% that they will survive but be handicapped and 10% chance they will both be fine!!.. The aim of the surgery was to laser connecting blood vessels within the placenta to ensure they had their own blood supply. Surgery complete and I was having contractions on and off for the next week while I waited to go back to London for another scan. My miracle girls defied the odds they where both weighing in at a healthy 1lb each and where fighting every day. Weekly scans followed and even though we didn’t know if they where handicapped I never gave up, I knew that no matter what I would love and care for my girls. I would bring them up and give them the best life I possibly could.

Then came the waiting….

Twin Pregency’s are supposed to come early right? Not for me, at 36 weeks my girls were still inside. They were expected to come at around the 32 week mark. Nothing, not a thing. The doctors couldn’t quite believe it, they decided to induced me at 36 +3 days. I gave birth to 2 healthy girls after about 16 hours of labour, Chloe was born first weighing 4ib 10oz and Jessica was born 15 minutes after a full breach delivery weighing in at 4ib 1oz. They spent a week in the Special Care Baby Unit, I stayed the whole time. I walked down to them every 2-3 hours to feed them, even through the night. They were was strong and totally healthy. I had given them the best home for 36 weeks and they had survived.

I had found my calling I knew that this was what I was made for, this is what I was here for I was a MOTHER….




I’ve had a few not all of them have been successful. I’ve had a lot of heartache over the years starting with a pregnancy when the girls where about 18months old. I had an ectopic and had my right tube removed at 10 weeks in to my Pregency. There I was 18 years old with 2 children and I’ve just been told that I’ll find it really hard to conceive another baby. I knew this life of motherhood was for me but I never thought it was going to be this hard.


There it was, that little blue line. Was this really happening so soon? I remember thinking ‘oh my goodness it must be wrong’ they told me this wasn’t going to happen. After about 6 tests I believed it I was going to be a mum again. I was booked in for an early scan at 7 weeks. Before I even got to that date I started to bleed, at around 6 weeks I was told I had lost my baby. Little did they know that I had held on to a very special boy but sadly lost his twin. Jasper Joel Hodges was born 10 days late after a 4 hour labour, weighing in at 7lb 4 oz. I held my beautiful redhead baby and knew that he would do great things, he was an old soul and as he looked into my eyes it felt as though he had been here before.


That little blue line LAYLA

The most perfect round bump still in me size 8 jeans waiting patiently she’s 7 days late. Come on baby I want to meet you. When she decided to come that was it, there was no stopping her she was coming. No hanging around, born on the front room floor in just 3 hours from the first pain. I held my 6lb 14oz Angel in my arms, born the day before her sisters’ 4th birthday. She was a doll a perfect baby and I was now a mum of 4 at the age of 21.


And so on to… Big RALPH

“Babe I’m feeling sick, and I broke a cup”. (Joe) ‘I’ll go get a test’. He knows me far to well, if I break something and feel sick it’s time to get a test. He was right baby number 5 was on its way. I felt amazing my Pregency with Layla was so perfect all the fears from my previous Pregency’s had gone away. Little did I know it was all going to start again. Walking into the toilet at 13 weeks looking down and seeing blood, lots and lots of blood. Please no not again, my heart sank, I kept saying “I’ve lost it there’s too much blood” and in the same breath please save my baby begging the doctors. Sitting in A&E and being told I had to go home, they couldn’t scan me I had to just wait and see what happened. You don’t go through the scans I’ve had without getting to know some direct numbers along the way and meeting some lovely ladies as well. A phone call later and I was booked in for a scan the next day. Still bleeding I lay on the couch “Kathleen I’m so sorry it was twins again you’ve lost one, but there is your baby. The only problem is you see that big dark patch, that is a really big bleed if that comes away its going to bring your baby with it”. ‘No it’s not I’m not going to loose another baby’. I was put on bed rest and had scans every 2 weeks. I bleed every day up to 24 weeks when like magic it stopped. I carried on my Pregency and ended up 4 days over due. After a 4 hour labour, weighing in at 8lb 5oz Ralph Charles Hodges was born. He came out lifted his head up and looked around the room, he was solid. His neck control was incredible. He was his fathers double in every way the strongest baby I’ve ever seen.

So I hope I’m not boring you… XXXX


New house new baby…


Rupert George Hodges, my wise innocent soul. From the first kick I knew he was special, I knew It would be OK. It was a perfect Pregency, he was kind to me a lovely neat bump my precious boy. As I walked into the delivery room I knew he was on his way. I knew I had time and I didn’t want to spend hours just sitting there but I had to go in to be checked because I’ve had so many babies, however I really didn’t like the midwife I had so I went home. After a discussion with the midwife she was happy for me to leave. At home I tidied round cleaned and faffed as you do. Then finally had a lay down, I woke my husband at 1:30 and told it him was time. I was ready to go back, i puffed the cushions on the sofa and went back to the hospital. I got examined and I was 4 cm, as I stood up I looked at the midwife and told her I was ready. She got me into the pool and just like that his head was there. The midwife was amazing, she allowed me to do everything I wanted to do. Rupert was delivered in his bag of waters in the pool after a 45 minute labour. He weighed in at 7lb 3oz, the perfect delivery. He was the a mixture of Layla and Jasper, an extremely pretty little boy. My heart was full.


And last but by no means least….

The 7th baby of the 7th baby the lucky one…

Me : babe I’m pregnant
Joe : have you done a test
Me : no I don’t need to I just know
Joe : I’m going to get a test…

After one month of trying I was pregnant again, watching that big smile appear on my husbands face as he placed his hand on my tummy we were blessed. We was going to be parents again. “It’s a girl” he kept saying as he walked through the door at night with bags of pink girls clothes. Little did he know it was a boy, my husband was in fact wrong. Once again my Pregency was amazing, I was carrying really neat. I continued to train throughout my Pregency and I felt amazing. I went into labour after a long dog walk with the kids, we needed to get this baby moving he was 6 days late. That afternoon I new it was happening I was on my own doing the kids tea, I bathed them all and got them all ready for bed. As I put Rupert into bed I went on to all fours on his bedroom floor, I rang joe at work and told him he needed to come home. We left it as long as we could then finally we went to hospital. I walked in and was examined, I wasn’t even dilated and was told I had to go home. As I got off the bed I looked at Joe and said “they’re wrong I’m not going anywhere”. I asked if I could hang around and just have a bath, the midwife agreed and ran the pool for me. I knew I was close, after about 10 minutes the midwife came back in the room she took one look at me and said thank god you didn’t go home. I laughed, “I told you so” I said. After a 40 minute delivery my baby was born in the pool just like his brother. I lifted him out the water to take his first breath, we waited for his cord to stop pulsating like we have with all our baby’s. Arthur Benedict Hodges was here 7lb 13oz of pure beauty, a red haired version of Ralph. He was he brothers double and just like his daddy.


So there it is my first blog post Eeeekkkk!!!!…
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it sorry it was so long but there a lot to get through!!.. My journey into motherhood and so my story continues…