Accepting yourself who you are

I wish I were a little bit…Smaller

I wish I were a little bit…Taller

It’s all I seem to hear, you know the woman who’s a Perfect 10 doesn’t want to be 🤷🏼‍♀she wants to be an 8. You know that women who’s doing the school run and wants a high flying job and the woman who’s got the high flying job and you guessed it, she wants to do the school run 🤷🏼‍♀

Everyone’s so busy wishing they were something they’re not that they’ve forgotten who they are. You can spend your life chasing dreams but if they are not your dreams then what’s the point! It seems the more I see the more I feel that people are just saying what they think everyone wants to hear. Everyone wants the quick fix! Everyone wants to make an easy, Perfect life when In fact that does not exist everything takes work. No rain No flowers!!

So what I’m trying to say is do you and I mean whole heartedly be honest to yourself, do things that make you feel good on the inside? Say no to things you don’t want to do? Don’t feel bad for cancelling plans that you don’t want to do! You can’t be everything for everyone! Know your worth and show the world the person you are. Feel proud of your journey and speak your mind! You have more knowledge than you know. Be confident of yourself. Step out of that comfort zone!!

If I could talk to my younger self I would say.. “not everyone will love you, not everyone will like you and some people will let you down!

BUT you can like yourself you can love yourself and you can also let yourself down just make sure you forgive yourself too.”

Sometimes you have to let it rain and crack a few eggs because

Life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows 🌈

It’s a lot of cracked shells and thunder storms


Kathleen xx

Practice what you preach

If your child turned to you and said they felt lost you would help find them? If they said they looked ugly you would tell them they are the most beautiful person in the whole world. If they said that they are stupid you would tell them that is not true. You would tell them they have a beautiful mind and can do anything they want to. When they say they can’t, you will say “No you can’t right now, but you will do it if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself!”


You see, we are the first to tell our children.

Maybe, just maybe if we spent a little more time telling ourselves we wouldn’t have to tell them 🤷🏼‍♀ our children are a reflection of us, the parents!!! Invest in yourself, believe in your abilities. Believe in yourself! Your raising the future, your raising your grandchildren they are just not born yet!

I believe that we are a product of our surroundings. I believe that if you tell your children that they can do anything they choose to, they will. If you tell them that they are loved beyond measure, they will feel safe! They will be fearless! I personally think that when babies/children have paddy’s and tantrums they are expressing their feelings to a situation. Allow them to have the freedom to express themselves to learn their emotions and grow. We are raising the next generation, it’s not about raising doctors and scientists it’s about raising good humans!

People with empathy and compassion with strength and the knowledge off their own self worth… give them the tools to create their own future!

But you should know, to them you are all of the above! They watch and learn from you. Show them the best version of you. Love yourself, for everything you are they will be!


Kathleen 🧡

Tea time favourites…

You will need..


New potatoes

Red onion

Orange pepper



Two tins of tin tomatoes

Dried mixed herbs

Fresh basil

Fresh coriander


Garlic paste

Salt & pepper

This is a super easy and basic recipe that all my kids love!

First cook your sausages in the oven or grill

And cut and boil your new potatoes in a little mint.

Whilst they are cooking you can start on your tomato sauce!

Chop your mushrooms and your courgette into small chunks, add finely copped red onion and fry off a little, add your orange pepper (chopped into chunks) then your mixed herbs simmer until vegetables start to look soft then add your tin tomatoes stir until all veg is covered. Add half a tea spoon of garlic paste

And a good amount of fresh herbs. Drizzle some honey for sweetness, add salt and pepper and leave to simmer.

Once potatoes are cooked drain and leave to rest.

Take the sausages out of the oven or grill and place on the side. Add the sausages to a clean oven proof dish and then place your potatoes on the the top of the sausages.

By this point your sauce should be nicely cooked!

Take sauce from the heat and cover your potatoes and sausages. You can eat now or cook in advance and reheat later,

add some fresh herbs on top and that’s it 👌🏼

This meal is also lovely with chicken instead of sausages and you can literally fill it up with hidden veggies for little kids 🙌🏼


And thanks for reading,

Kathleen x

Christmas Kids fashion….

My Kids Christmas must haves…. 🎅🏼

With Christmas just 5 days away I thought I would put together a little blog post with @jojomamambebe, all about their wonderful festive range of baby clothes.

There is nothing I like more than dressing my kids up in the cutest, softest clothes, from pjs to festive jumpers. Having 8 babies it can be expensive keeping up with the latest trends. I want good quality, mainly because I want clothes that I can pass down from child to child. I want clothes that will wash well and hold their shape. I want items of clothing that will still be coming out in years to come. Quality items that will save me pennies in the future.

Percy wearing his Christmas jusmper and penguin leggings! Literally the softest jumper that I have now washed about 10 times! It’s still super soft and it’s not at all itchy so perfect for little ones skin. The leggings are very cute. They fit lovey and they are really thick material so they keep little legs nice and snug.

Now these little slipper socks… I love them and personally think they should do adult sizes. They are perfect for little ones who won’t keep shoes on and even better if you have kids that are on the run. Especially if you have wooden floors like us.

Christmas pjs… I’m one of those people who get the Christmas pjs out on the 1st! Get your moneys worth is what I say!!

I can’t tell you how lovey these are the top is a really thick material, so super warm and cosy. The boys love stroking the reindeer on the front it’s like carrying around a teddy all the time. I’m pretty sure mine will still be wearing these in March 😂

These welly socks….😍

Winter is here so could there be any better welly sock to keep your little ones toes nice and cosy.. I think not!!! These socks are brilliant they really made me giggle when I put them on Arthur and he really loves them! He had them on everyday when we was on holiday and apparently they are brilliant for sliding on hard Woden floors 🙄 (who knew) 😂

Baby’s first Christmas…. I’m sure that to most mums this is the most special. All my babies have had a ‘my fist Christmas bib’ I think it’s so special and this one is particularly cute 😍

So there are a few of my Christmas must haves… all itams can be purchased from

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas ❤

Love Kathleen xx

Winter warmers 🍂

On cold wet days I like nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa with a big bowl of soup.

There is something very comforting about it, especially if your full of cold and you want a quick lunch or dinner.
My kids love soups and they love my homemade soup best 😊
Full of fresh veggies, the smell fills the house and the kids fill their tummies…

A quick recipe for Spicy Parsnip Soup 
4 table spoons of butter

1 medium sized ouion chopped

1 medium sized potato chopped 

500g of parsnips chopped 

1/2 a tea spoon of curry powder 

1/2 a tea spoon of ground cumin 

1/2 a tea spoon of ground coriander 

1.5 litres of chicken or vegetable stock 

Double cream to drizzle 
Firstly melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat then fry the onion and potatoes until softened.

Add the parsnips and cook for another 2 minutes. 
Add your spices, stir for a further minute, then add your stock.

Reduce the heat and cover, leave to simmer for 25-30 minuets.

Remove from the heat and blend to your preferred consistency.
Add cream (if using) 

When I’m making soup for all the family I tend to double up on all ingredients just to make sure I fill all the tummy’s and we always have crusty bread and butter because.. well it would be criminal not to. 
Happy cooking and enjoy 
Thanks for reading 

Kathleen x

Baby loss…

Well you all know my story to becoming a mother and I’ve touched upon the fact that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, I thought with it being baby loss awareness week  I would share with you a little bit more of my story…

My story starts when the Twins where 17 months old I had found myself pregnant again and to say I was shocked was an understatement I had two babies and here I was pregnant with baby number 3. I had all the pregnancy signs the sickness, bad skin and mood swings (one minute crying, the next jumping for joy). I had no concerns everything was going smoothly and I was all booked in for my 12 week scan. 

2 weeks before my scan the twins got poorly and were taken into hospital… I was there day and night not leaving them for a second. 

Well until this one day. Sitting next to chloe in her hospital bed I looked down to lots of blood, I instantly thought the worst I had lost my baby. I got rushed down for a scan but was told they couldn’t see a baby I was way to early, but I knew otherwise. I knew my dates where right and I knew I was about 9 weeks pregnant. The bleeding stopped and I went back up to be with my girls on the children’s ward. 
The lady in early pregnancy had taken my bloods and told me she would ring me with my results so I was left waiting. later on that day the girls where discharged from hospital and we all went back home. I then got a call that I needed to come back to the hospital the next morning for more blood tests. I was informed that they needed to check that my hormone level was rising, so off I went back up to the hospital. I was re scaned but still no baby, my hormones where showing that my dates where right and I was in fact having an ectopic pregnancy. I will never forget those feelings.. or the questions I asked “can’t you just move the baby into the right place” and 

“Is the baby alive” strangely not thinking about myself or the fact that I could of died. All I wanted was this baby, my baby, our baby, but it wasn’t to be. I had surgery straight away my right tube removed and of course my baby. I was 10 weeks pregnant and yes there was a heartbeat my baby just wasn’t in the right place and there was nothing me, Joe or any doctor in the land could do. I was cared for and looked after, I was told that I would probably struggle to conceive in the future and then I went home broken hearted and empty. 
I went on to miscarry again in the very early weeks and my heart broke a little more every time I didn’t even realise that was possible. I then fell pregnant again with jasper and sadly lost his twin. I then went on to have Layla 16 months after jasper. 
I then fell pregnant again after 2 years of trying we where overjoyed and was booked in for an early scan we saw our little babe at 9 weeks 3 days with a lovey strong heartbeat. Sadly at our 14 week scan our little babe had passed away and there was no heartbeat we where given lots of options but we were advised to let nature take its course but my body wouldn’t allow that. My body wanted to be pregnant. I went nearly two weeks waiting for my body to reject my baby but it just wouldn’t I eventually went in for a DNC. Totally heartbroken I didn’t know if I could do it again. I did and went on and had Ralph I sadly lost his twin but he held on tight. 
We then went on to have Rupert then Arthur and then of course Percy. 

I was very unsure about writing this post, But I do honestly believe it helps talking about baby loss, open your heart and let people in trust in people. You never know you might even help someone.

 So If you are reading this and you are on your own journey just remember you are never alone not ever ❤️

My top 5 baby must haves…

Swaddle blankets…

Now these little beauty’s have been at the top of my list for nearly 13 years. They are my ultimate must have for any new Mum/dad.

It’s such a simple thing but it really makes a huge difference. They are so very handy at any age they are perfect for burping cloths, moping up spilled drinks or throwing over the pram when the sun is shining down on them. They also work as a shield whilst breastfeeding and as a light blanket on warm days. 🙌🏼

White noise.. 

Now as you can imagine we don’t have a problem with making noise it our house. 7 kids running around singing, dancing, playing guitar, roaring like a dinosaurs, the list is endless if it’s noise your after then my house is the place to be! On the quiet days when it is just Myself, Percy and Arthur it can be really quite that’s where white noise plays its part. I have the @whisbear_official and it is fab! I had never used one before and oh how I wish I had. No more looking for apps and draining your phone battery this little bear works magic and it has also helped Percy and Arthur bond. If Percy is crying Arthur will take it to him and turn it on Percy then calms and stops crying, leaving Arthur very proud, he has helped his baby brother. His little face is a picture when he turns to me and says I did it mama.😍

Bath time…

@Trees_bees_marshmallows 🐝 well you might have read recently on my Instagram about this amazing product. I simply can’t get enough, it’s all natural and designed specially for baby’s skin. A tiny amount goes a long way and it’s such a lovely feeling knowing that your putting only natural ingredients on your baby’s skin with no harsh chemicals. They also have a wonderful stretch mark oil that is fab, I used it throughout my pregnancy with Percy and I had no new stretch marks 🙌🏼

Sleeping beauty …
Well we all want a sleeping beauty, especially at night and we all want to rest easy knowing that our baby is sleeping safe next to us. The @sleepyheadofsweden provides all of the above and in the first couple of weeks this really was a life saver. Babies like to feel secure and safe. They have been in a warm bubble of water for months and then they are out with lots of space. The sleepy head provides the comfort they need to sleep easy feeling like they are still safe in mamas arms. It’s easily moved from sofa to cot, kitchen table or bathroom floor whilst having a well deserved soak in the tub. You can keep your baby close by your side and if your anything like me that is a must. 

Baby wearing.. 

If only I could of had one of these amazing wraps 12 years ago. I used to have to carry my girls in one of the most uncomfortable baby carriers, it would constantly cut into my shoulders 😩
These wraps are fab. I really love my new @sollybabywrap , I wear it inside and out and about. Walking in the woods and on beach has never been so easy with a new baby, especially when your running after a crazy 2 year old and a very fast 3 year old. This warp allows my hands to be free so I can still be a hands on Mum and do all the things I love with my tribe 
Well there you have it 5 of my favourite baby buys. It’s amazing how products change over the years. It makes me very proud to be a woman, knowing that a lot of the products I have just mentioned have been made or designed by Mums. Keep it up mamas.


As always thanks for reading 
Kathleen x

My kind of perfect….

No such thing as perfect 
So what is perfect? I’ve seen a lot of posts lately on Instagram about how her pictures are pretty so she’s not real or no one has the perfect life so why pretend they have. Let me tell you a little secret you make your own perfect. If having a clean home makes you happy then do it! If buying your child the best clothes makes you happy then do it! If going on luxury holidays makes you happy then do it!
Since when has anyone got the right to judge someone else on their perfect? Nobody should ever feel like they need to be perfect to fit in or be cool or excepted in life. So don’t let little squares do that! I read a post once from a lady who felt bad for telling people her child slept through the night because other mums made her feel bad, at what point is that ok? 
I see this as a type of bullying, why should anyone be made to feel this way? I keep a clean home it’s the way I like it I’m not going to apologise for that. I also have a routine, I have 8 kids under 13 years if I didn’t have routine then I wouldn’t be able to have one on one time with my older children and talk about there Day or help them with there home work. I like cooking from scratch it’s something I enjoy I’m not going to apologise for being myself nor would I ever judge another mum who chooses to parent in a different way. There is no such thing as perfect, as long as your happy and your kids are happy then the rest of the world can just get on with their Day. If you don’t like what you see then keep scrolling. life is what you make it, you get out what you put in! 
I like to see the positive sides to parenting I like that because it makes me feel positive. I’m a cup half full kind of person, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have crazy days. It just means that when my kid is having a meltdown I see it as him growing as a person and learning to develop his feelings, it’s something that he needs to do to learn. Just because I don’t moan on here doesn’t mean I don’t moan. I have my husband for that haha 
My pictures are real and represent an accurate portrayal of our life. I’m not going to take a picture of the washing pile mainly because I’m too busy putting it in the machine haha 
Let people be what they are, let them choose to write what they feel, let them express themselves in their own way and post pictures of what they choose. Who are we to judge anyway?

Thanks for reading 

Kathleen xx

Potty training….

Ok so this can seem like a daunting task! something that can be put off because it’s hard work it’s running backwards and forwards to the bathroom and lets be honest nappies are easy..
Who wants to be cleaning up little accidents? 

But it really can be an amazing thing to do with your child! Watching them grow and hitting that milestone the pride you feel for them and for yourself!!  
So here are some of my top tips on doing potty training the fun enjoyable way! And don’t forget there is no time limit!!!….
Firstly talk to your child! Take them to toilet with you explaining that mummy is going for a wee wee, if your child has siblings this can be an easy task because if your anything like me your up and down to the loo more times than I would like to think about haha 
Put the potty in the room let them play with it ( obviously a clean potty ) let them get to know it, let them put it on there head and let it become a familiar sight! 

They will soon become bored of playing with it but it won’t be a scary new thing that mum keeps sitting me on! 
We do nappy off potty training!! I don’t buy pull up’s in my opinion they are sending mixed signals! If your child is in pants/kickers they will get wet straight away they won’t like this feeling they will understand very quickly that they need to tell mummy/daddy that they need a wee wee or they get yucky and wet! 
No negative all positive!!! 

Sometimes In potty training you will feel like your loosing that it’s just not working you will probably question yourself and ask yourself if your doing it right!! 

But keep at it there is no time limit! It will take as long as it takes, when little accidents happen explain to your child that it’s yucky and say ‘oh no never mind next time will you do it on the potty for mummy’ 

And when wee wee’s are done on the potty do that potty dance clap and cheer let your child know just how clever they are even if it’s just the smallest little wee. 
Staying in.. 

the first few days will be the hardest! Try and start potting training when you know you will be having indoor days! Days where your child can just run around free and you can keep asking the big question ‘ do you need a wee wee’ whilst putting them on the potty so they can understand that this is what mums talking about! 
Going out….

Now once you think that you have kind of got this, that your little super star has worked it all out it’s time to venture outside in pants😬

Honestly do not worry about this! Take the potty out with you in a bag and stop on the side of the road if you really have to!! Always take a spare set of pants and trousers and it’s a good idea to pop a disposable changing mat under your child if sitting in the buggy that way if your little one dose have an accident your buggy will stay dry 👍🏼
Lastly there is no pressure listen to your child watch your child! Every child starts this milestone at different times it isn’t a race it’s about watching them and understanding them 

Just because the kid up the road is clean doesn’t mean your child should be!! 
Good luck mamas you’ve got this 🙌🏼👍🏼
Again thanks for reading…

Love Kathleen xx

Shopping,shopping & more shopping……

It’s fair to say us mums/dads do a lot of it and I’m not taking the fun stuff I’m not taking the cute baby clothes or the latest toys I’m talking food…..

The dreaded food shop we all loathe it we all have something better to do and who wants to take bored kids in a crowded supermarket!!
I often get ask how I do it? Well it’s simple I do it the same as all us mums I just do it on a slightly larger scale. So here are my tips on getting it done without spending a fortune and without wasting food and money!


Fresh food ….

Ok so this is a big one for me I think every mum/dad should try it, buy fresh!! Talk to your local greengrocer and butcher the food you put on your child’s plate and on yours for that matter will be so much better for you,
you can often get really good cuts of meat and a much better quality for a smaller price than the supermarket and don’t be scared to ask for a deal if it’s going to be a regular thing!! The same goes for your greengrocer the fruit and vegetables I get from my greengrocer are of a much higher quality than what I would find at the supermarket go on give it a try!!

Supermarket sweep….
ok so the screaming bored kids that have had enough and who can blame them no one likes it you end up putting loads of stuff in that you really don’t need and filling your kids with whatever they ask for just so you can get 5 minutes peace anyone who says that haven’t put and empty packet of milky buttons though the till is well… telling a porky pies!

So let’s have fun!!!
I’m that crazy lady you see playing spies, yep that’s right daddy is the bad guy ( whilst he gets on with shopping ) we are hiding up the isles playing spies being really quiet so that no one can find us or see us! Then all kids sitting underneath the checkout while we pay for the shopping and that’s the end of the game we catch the bad guy and off we go home.. no fighting, whining or can I have!! Just fun.


Packed lunch..
ok so it’s time consuming but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune I learnt over the years that packed lunch boxes can be boring and it feels like your giving them the same thing every day!
But that doesn’t have to be the way, replaced your normal sandwich for a pasta or cut the mimi filet off the back of your chicken breast and cook it up for chicken wraps, take those Crisps out and pop in some crackers with cheese and tomatoes add cucumber sticks pepper sticks whatever your children like my kids love making little cheese and cracker sandwiches and a packet of crackers costs as little as 80p! Cut up blocked cheese as buying individually wrapped can be really expensive add fruit and a yogurt and your sorted! Doing it the night before gives you so much free time in the morning and less cleaning up 👍🏼


Plan, plan, plan..

Make a meal plan menu for the week having it all written down means you won’t buy food you don’t need and you will always no what to cook that night! My kids love going to school knowing what dinner they are coming home to and it makes my life easier not having to look through the fridge thinking what am I going to cook tonight or I have I got all the ingredients!

There’s just a few of the things I do I hope they help some of you and that it makes your meal/family time easier and more enjoyable

Thanks for reading love Kathleen xxx